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Who we are

Aperta is one of the largest and most innovative payment and image processing providers in the world. And while our products and solutions are renowned for their functionality, reliability and flexibility, it’s our experience, thirst for innovation and lasting relationships with our customers that makes us different.

Aperta was founded in 1992 by former senior Unisys managers and system architects with an extensive background in payments processing and financial systems. Aperta has a thorough understanding of payment processing requirements, and are able to produce effective and robust solutions.

Aperta is an innovative company that has grown to become an acknowledged leader in Clearing and Settlement solutions, Electronic Payments and ACH, Imaging, Truncation, Payment Processing, and applications for the commercial, public sector, banking and financial marketplace.

How we work

We work closely with you to ensure we not only deliver a world-class solution, but also a world-class service. We provide flexible, secure and innovative payment processing solutions to financial and commercial institutions across the world, including central, commercial and community banks and government agencies.

System Design

Before we start, we make sure we fully understand your business and requirements.

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Installation of our products and solutions is planned around your business.

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Our flexible products and solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

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Your staff are trained to operate the system, optimize its use and provide support.

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Our Products

Aperta products and services enhance any payment operating environment and can be implemented individually or consolidated to provide a complete, comprehensive solution suite.

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Clearing & Settlement

The march towards electronic payments is set to accelerate over the coming years with cheque truncation becoming common and electronic payments becoming the growth area.

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Payment Processing

The introduction of Check 21 and truncation has rapidly changed cheque processing; likewise the adoption of ACH and the processing of EFT transactions are set to significantly replace the use of cheques.

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Remittance Processing

In today's rapidly changing competitive and economic landscape industries need to apply the latest technology to automate their accounts receivable processes while reducing cost of operations.

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Faster Payments

In today's dynamic payments industry, faster payments have become the norm and are no longer just an option for market participants and regulators alike.

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Fraud Solutions

Cheque fraud is one of the biggest problems the world faces today. An average of $10 billion / year is lost to cheque fraud in US alone.

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Document Archive

Aperta’s Active Document Archive and its research facilities provides for the storage, query and analysis of all captured work including images and transaction data, deposits and returns.

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How we support you

Our products and solutions may utilize innovative and cutting-edge technologies, but our customer support is refreshingly simple, direct and personal.

  • Continually strive to improve our customer service.
  • We are always on hand to resolve any issues that occur quickly and effectively.
  • To keep our products and solutions functioning, our support system operates at different levels.

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So if things do go wrong, you can be confident that we’ll be on hand to diagnose and resolve problems quickly, minimize disruption and keep your business moving.

Director, Martin Wylupek

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