Innovative solutions
to detect and prevent fraud

As fraud continues to grow and fraudsters become more sophisticated,
it’s imperative that you invest in advanced,
fraud prevention and detection systems.

Fraud prevention products

With Check 21 in the US and many other countries implementing image-based truncation, many of the traditional security features built into paper checks have been lost.

These security features need to be replaced by contemporary, image-survivable security measures and other prevention and detection measures.

At Aperta, we offer a range of innovative fraud prevention solutions which can detect suspect transactions and provide additional safeguards when processing payments.

Our innovative fraud prevention products can help your business automatically detect invalid or inconsistent information and reduce insider fraud for you and your clients.

Want to find out more? Check out our comprehensive range of fraud detection and prevention products below.

Products Section

Active Positive Pay

A powerful barrier to fraud that puts your customers in control of approving their payments.

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Active Signature Verification

Verify and authenticate the validity of check signatures to quickly detect forgeries and stop fraud.

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Active Fraud Buster

Adds image-survivable barcodes to the checks you issue to help you detect and prevent fraud.

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