Survive in business
with image survivable barcodes

With technology continuing to evolve and fraud continuing to grow,
it’s important to invest in advanced and
innovative security measures – like image survivable barcodes.

Make life more difficult for fraudsters

Implementing image survivable barcodes on your checks is one of the most effective ways of detecting and preventing fraud.

By protecting the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) code-line on a check, image survivable barcodes make it extremely difficult for fraudsters to alter or replicate checks.

Our innovative anti-fraud solution, Active Fraud Buster, can help introduce image survivable barcodes to your business’s existing fraud prevention activities.

Active Fraud Buster will add encrypted image-survivable barcodes, which only you can verify, to the checks you issue, making life easier for you – and more difficult for fraudsters.

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