Your transactions captured
in seconds.

Streamline your check processing and reduce your costs ,
by capturing transaction images and data in a matter of seconds,
in your branch back office, That help your business reduce costs.

Transform paper items into digital images quickly and effectively

Our innovative branch capture solution, Active Branch Capture, enables you to scan deposits from checks, deposit slips, cash vouchers and other financial items at the back counter of your branch.

Paper items are truncated by the batch, securely transferred to the processing centre and completed within seconds of them being deposited.

During capture at your branch, image quality is assured against predefined criteria. The code line is then verified and checked for potential fraud, and if required, images of suspect items can be manually checked.

At the central site, the work is imported for data completion using the comprehensive facilities of our flagship Active Image Document Processing System (AiDPS).

Centralized monitoring of the work in progress is also provided to allow optimal processing in order to meet deadlines and SLAs.

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