First-class customer care,
three levels of support

At Aperta, we’re renowned for our robust payment processing solutions.
But if things do go wrong, we’ll diagnose and resolve problems quickly
to minimize disruption and keep your business moving.

Continued commitment to customer support

Our products and solutions may utilize innovative and cutting-edge technologies, but our customer support is simple, direct and personal. We continually strive to improve our customer service and our team are always on hand to resolve any issues that occur quickly and effectively.

To keep our products and solutions functioning, our support system operates at three levels:

First Line
After our products or solutions are installed, your staff are trained to identify, investigate, and resolve any day-to-day issues that may arise with our hardware or software. In the unlikely event that this fails to resolve the issue, Aperta Customer's can request Second Line support via the Aperta Customer Portal.

Second Line
Second Line support is requested via the Aperta Customer Portal. Local Aperta or distributor support teams are fully trained in the application software, and use investigative tools to interrogate the applications and quickly identify and resolve the problem.

Third Line
Third line support ensures that the most experienced engineers are involved in the investigation and resolution of the problem. They will determine the best way to resolve the problem and continue to work on the issue until it’s fully rectified.

Download our Remote Support Software via the Aperta Customer.

Aperta provides a first class customer care program and is determined to maintain a best-in –class operation. Delivering excellent customer service and building robust and enduring relationships are paramount to both the success of Aperta, and more importantly our clients’ success.

Customer loyalty is vital to the ongoing success of Aperta and is recognised as such. Aperta strives to improve customer service continually. The aim is to ensure that the client requirements are all satisfied and interruption to business processes are minimised by resolving any issues that may occur quickly and effectively.

In accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA), the Aperta Customer Support team is the first point of call for clients that encounter a problem. By building a close working relationship with our customers, Aperta gains a greater understanding of customer needs and expectations.

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